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There’s Something About This Man…

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Jesus, Poems

He’s not handsome, or so pretty,
kind of homely, so I hear,
nothing special about His looks,
just so-so, or fair.

But there is something I can’t fathom,
some hidden attribute.
There are always crowds around Him,
just why, I can’t compute.

They say He is very knowledgeable,
He is learn-ed, so they say.
He can quote the Holy Scriptures
in a finite accurate way.

There is something about this Man,
something I can’t figure out.
He seems so stern and unshakable
with what He speaks about.

Yet He knows, there is no doubt,
precisely of what He speaks.
He is intellectually correct
in every Word. He is not weak.

But there’s something about Him;
something vague and yet so clear.
He speaks as if He’s God,
and every Word you want to hear.

I have never seen Him personally,
in person, or in the flesh.
What I’ve heard is so bizarre.
And some things just do not mesh.

I’ve heard that He says,
“I am the Way, the Truth, the Life,
you cannot come to the Father,
without accepting Jesus Christ”

Ah yes, of the virgin Mary
He was born,where cattle are fed,
now I recall, in a stall, in a manger,
they laid His tiny head.

There is something about this Man.
I hear that He was an itinerant preacher,
He really made folks mad.
He was crucified, dead and buried,
but raised to make them glad.

Yes, there is something about this Man,
when you meet Him you will love Him.
Most folks say they understand,
There is something very special,
something about this Man.

I can tell you, He is special,
for I have met Him, see,
and He changed my life forever,
for I know He died for me.

Yes, I met this special Man,
and I cried out and prayed to Him,
asking His forgiveness for
all my committed sin.

There is Something about this Man,
for He forgave all my sin,
He paid the price with His life
and cleansed my soul within.

By Nell M. Berry 5/8/08