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The Victory

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems, Trials, Victory

To Him, Whose way
is perfect, I give thanks.

To Him, Whose Word
is flawless, I give thanks.

Seeking refuge, we find
God to be our shield. The enemy
will be subdued, and by God’s
power, shall yield.

It is God Who arms us
with His strength, whenever
the battles rage and roar.

He gives us power,
as we are weak, and as like
the eagles, we soar.

He enables us to stand
on the heights, as we look
upon the chaos below.

He trains our hands for
battle … our arms can bend a
bronzed and hardy bow.

With God, we have the
Victory … He stoops down
to make us great.

So, the next time a war
is set against you, turn to Him,
rest in His Word, and wait!

~ Sandra Lewis Pringle ~
© 2009


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