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The Ultimate Product

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Salvation

Somebody spilled juice on the corner carpet. It was wiped up but not properly cleaned and it became a mould that nothing shifted. By the time I was told about it, the stain was a fixture. Furniture was moved to cover the unsightly mess and items were rearranged to make it look undamaged and normal.

Over the years I searched for stain removers that worked, I invested time and energy even to scrubbing the area on my hands and knees with detergent and a scrubbing brush. Nothing was effective. However, I managed to keep the offensive area under cover. Nobody knew about it and nobody guessed how much it condemned all my housewifely pride.

Then one day, I found another product that looked as though it was not going very far. It was in very ordinary packaging, there had been no publicity about it that I was aware of and the small print simply said ‘removes and kills mould’.

I tried it and it was the ultimate product. Within minutes, the stains were gone.

It reminded me how often I had disguised the stains on my nature; how often I had shifted the furniture to make myself look undamaged and normal; how often I had improved my habits and rearranged my priorities. But nothing removed the hidden stains.

Then I saw a different product in simple packaging that I hadn’t heard much about. The small print simply said, ‘there is now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus.’ Romans 8:1. I tried it and it was the ultimate product. Within minutes, the stains and the condemnation were gone.

Elizabeth Price


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