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The Sacrifice

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems, Salvation

The sacrifice was offered
on the altar of the Lord.
The time for our redemption
was the time of our reward.

God gave His only Son
as the Living Sacrifice,
to ransom us from Satan’s hold
Jesus gave His life.

Our precious Lord was sacrificed,
His cross made from a tree.
He suffered as no other man
to redeem and set us free.

They pierced His side, and then He died;
blood and water came forth.
It was said, “He was the Son of God”
and He gave up the Ghost.

His life’s blood shed
from His sacred head,
His nail pierced hands and feet.
The Father turned His back on Him

“It is finished,” they heard Him speak.
The thunder rolled,
the lightening flashed,
the ground began to quake.

“Who was this Man?” They asked.
He is God incarnate.
He is The Word,
He is King and Lord,
the Spirit would inaugurate.

He came as a Babe,
in a manger was laid,
where cattle were fed,
they laid His precious head.

Heavenly hosts of angels sang
and worshiped this Child
they called a King.

Now the guards began to sneer,
“let Him save Himself” they jeered,
“No man takes my life” He said,
freely, unselfishly He gave it;
for the sins of the whole world,
He gave His life to save it.

The Sacrifice was demanded,
the Sacrifice was given,
God’s only Son as He commanded,
He is the King of Heaven.

No other one, no other man
could be our substitute,
for He was the perfect One,
His blood He would contribute.

They thought all was lost, then
He rose up from the tomb.
The grave could not hold Him,
it was a cold empty room.

The third day He rose again,
no more to suffer pain.
He rose to reassure us
that we would live again.

His sinless life He gave;
yet, through us He lives.
In Him we have eternal life,
a life He only gives.

He came to take our sin;
our debt, not His to pay;
He came not to condemn
but to show us the way. 

By Nell Berry 6/30/08


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