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The Pearly Gates of Heaven

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Heaven, Poems, Second Coming

To enter the Gates of Heaven,

is truly a wonderful thing;

One can dance among the stars

and take a ride on Saturn’s ring.

One can swim the glassy waters

of the beautiful crystal sea,

and walk in wondrous meadows,

of lavendar, roses, pansies, and orchids, in peace and tranquility.

Children romp and play and listen to music,

flowing from the harps of gold;

They are happy, and they are healthy,

and don’t have to fear growing old.

In Heaven, the trees are so beautiful,

with inviting outstretched limbs,

and angels’ voices fill the elements,

as they praise and worship, singing delightful hymns.

One can travel freely,

and is never hindered or bound.

And one is never lonely,

as there are friends and family, all around!

To enter the Gates of Heaven,

brings such joy it is difficult to contain.

And the joy falls all about,

as the showers in a Springtime rain.

The mountains are filled with magnificent ridges,

which stretch far and wide.

And the valleys below are like blankets,

tucked neatly inside.

To enter the Gates of Heaven

is such a wonderful thing!
Especially, when Our Lord Jesus comes forth to greet us,

and we hear the love in His heart sing.

© 2008 Sandra Lewis Pringle