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  The Holy Ghost A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems

My soul has taken a beating, being tossed from pillar to post.

I’m searching for the one they call the Holy Ghost.

Have you seen Him, do you know where I’m suppose to look?

Someone told me to start in the Bible, God’s Holy Book.

I’ve climbed every mountain and I didn’t find Him there.

Down in the valley, I couldn’t find Him anywhere.

Over the hills and all through the dale;

Where is He the one with holes made by nails?

You know the one I speak of, who hung on the cross;

I looked everywhere….no matter what it cost.

Then one day I turned around and what did I find?

The Holy Ghost was beside me, all of the time.

Watching over and protecting me every step of the way;

Steering me back on track every time I strayed.

He was always with me, from every pillar to every post;

Standing beside me all the time, was the one called “The Holy Ghost”.


By: Pat Finn June 13, 2006