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  The High Stakes Search for my Destiny A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems

The high stakes search began against my will
My life just started to roll down hill

I thought my life was in my hands
I learned that God had made other plans

The year started out normal enough
And then the tide turned really rough

What I thought I knew, changed rapidly
God weaved His Word into my tapestry

As things started changing, I did too
What I did not know was that I was through

Life as I had known it had suddenly changed
What I thought I knew had been rearranged

Now it was God’s turn to control my life
Fighting against it meant nothing but strife

Eventually, the thought occurred profoundly to me
That I was no longer in charge of my Destiny

God had staked His claim on my entire life
Resisting His pull could only mean strife

I thought that since He knew the whole plan
That He would gently guide me by the hand

He made it clear that was not to be
Most of the journey was up to me

Faith, Trust, and Obedience must all be learned
The greatest lessons must be personally discerned

He said He would show me a still more excellent way
What He did not to tell me was that it would not be today

So day by day, I continue my high stakes search
Praying, reading my Bible, and going to church

I pray and I ask for just one more clue
God tells me, ‘it’s already there, seeing is up to you’

Ignoring no clues, I eagerly watch to see
If this one or that one will lead to my destiny

While the destination is emerging yet not totally clear to me
Through Faith, Trust, and Obedience I am learning to see

God has the plan and the answers I need
My plan is to follow His plan; and I plan to succeed


By: Ivory Dorsey—Atlanta, Georgia