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The Greater the Destiny, the Bigger the Giant

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Spiritual Life

When David was appointed king, his mandate of anointing still preserved him as a servant.

David still served his father until such time that he took the throne. However, the one who called him to soothe him, was the one who wanted to eradicate him. Saul was at first, David’s ally and later turned into his worst nightmare. The jealousy and vengeance that brewed inside of Saul was ignited from disobedience.

When God is preparing you to step up to higher ground, he will introduce you to your enemy. The opponents that stand in your way are the giants that have to be defeated by you and only you. David called out to Goliath, “YOU UNCIRCUMCISED PHILISTINE!” Meaning “You that stand without a covenant, you want to fight a nation that is covered by the power and authority of a Holy God!” The magnitude of David’s trust in a Holy God established a covenant of victory. No matter what giant possesses the space in front of you, you are backed by the authority that will take that giant out.

However, David’s faith was activated in the stone he picked up. Look at what is in your hand today. Activate your faith and trust the covenant that preserves you.

Each one of us is a seed in the kingdom of God. In every seed lies God’s encoded message of destiny for our lives. Why? Encoded. Only when you are spiritually ready to walk in your appointed destiny, then only will you be able to realize it.   Your momentary afflictions are producing and preparing you for something greater. You are being prepared for eternity. God has confidence in you that whatever you are in right now, you will overcome it. There are times when we need to risk everything to become what we were supposed to be.


God Bless you

Hazel Moodley

The Servants Tabernacle – Durban – South Africa


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