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by | Oct 18, 2014 | The Eternal Music (A Mini-Series)

Continuing with our series on the lessons to be learnt from the amazing miracle of the Saviour walking on water, today we come to the second lesson …

Pacing …

Ah, our Lord is not only a great protector, Scripture bears witness to the fact that the Master Deliverer paces his act of deliverance also to perfection. His rescuing hand arrives right on dot … NOT A NANO SECOND BEFORE OR LATER. This incident of Jesus walking on water comes close on the heels of feeding “so many with so few” (Matt 14:13-24). That the Redeemer started walking towards the beleaguered Disciples on their way to Gennaseret (only when they were helpless in a storm) would be obvious to even to those having a casual look at this Scripture portion. What may not be readily obvious is that lessons Disciples’ learnt from watching closely Jesus’ act of saving them “in the nick of time” stood them in good stead, when they faced “tempestuous” times … Post Jesus ascension.

Fast forward to Acts Chapter 12:1-7 and … what do we see? The Apostle Peter brimming with youthful vigor — to whom Jesus had already prophesied that He would die a glorious martyr’s death only “IN HIS OLD AGE” (John 21:18-19) — sleeping peacefully in the prison, despite Damocles … opps sorry … I mean the King Herod’s sword hanging over his head both literally and figuratively. He was to be executed in the next 24 hours! Those of us who have endured sleepless nights before the day of even minor surgeries can only marvel at Peter’s poise. I still remember a Physician prescribing a sleep-inducing tablet to me the night before I was to undergo a sinus operation about six years ago (sic). Did somebody administer any sleeping pill to Peter? NO!

Suffering from Insomnia? Want to use the best sleeping pill on planet Earth? Go no further than the promised “PEACE OF MIND” (John 14:27), which stems from the deep realization that Sovereign God is in eventual control and that His deliverance from any sticky situation would arrive right on time. Take my word, no obedient servant of God can depart from the earthly scene till his designated work on earth is accomplished (John 8:20)! Nor did Peter till he accomplished much for the Lord … (Acts 12:6-12). Say fellow Christian, are you in deep waters? Take heart, a lifeline is on the way.

By the way, have you ever wondered why the Sea of Galilee was often prone to storms (another “stormy” incident recorded in Mark 4:35-41)? Its peculiar topography, ladies and gentlemen! I am a witness, and hence I can speak with authority (Acts 5:32). The lake lies low in the Great Rift Valley, surrounded by hills. With little warning, mighty squalls can sweep down the wadis (valleys) around the lake, whipping its tranquil surface into treacherous waves. Such storms often arrive due to temperature changes, as the heat of the rift valley (averaging mid-30s Celsius in the shade) sucks the cool air down from the heights.

Prayer: Father, whilst facing “storms of life”, we are so comforted to know that Your help would arrive “right on time”. We praise Thee, once again in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Suresh Manoharan

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