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  The Cross A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems, Witnessing

I see that cross around your neck,

do you really believe;

Or is it just something you wear,

like a button on your sleeve?

Up on that cross they hung Him……

they crucified my Lord;

That piece of jewelry around your neck,

that’s what it stands for.

If you truly believe in it…..

then wear it with pride;

Forgiveness of our sins,

that’s why my Savior died.

The way some people treat the cross,

don’t they understand?

My sweet Jesus was hung on it,

by His feet and hands.

He is the Lamb Of God,

and He came in His Father’s name;

Wear your cross with love……

don’t bring it any shame.

He died on that cross

so we could live for evermore;

So go ahead and wear it,

but know what it stands for.

That little cross around your neck,

how much does it weigh?

Think of what my Savior

carried on that fateful day.

It was His cross to bare,

and He never complained;

So if you’re going to wear it,

then wear it in Jesus’ name. Amen


Pat Finn


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