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  Summertime A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems, Seasons, Servitude

I forgot my Lord in the summer time,
Just the time I was needed most.
I was not away, but on each Lord’s Day
I just failed to be at my post.

I forgot my church in the summer time,
As I lazily lay in bed,
While the faithful few had my work to do,
And I was spiritually dead.

I forgot my offerings in the summer time,
When He needed it most of all,
While my cash was spent, I was pleasure bent,
Just off duty for God until Fall!

I forgot my class in the summer time,
But the devil did not forget,
Working day and night, he kept up the fight,
He’s a go-getter, you can bet.

I forgot my soul in the summer time,
Got along without spiritual food,
While my Lord on High sent me blessings
I showed Him naught but ingratitude.

If my Lord should come in the summer time,
When from duty to God I am free,
Wonder what I’ll do, when my life is through
If, by chance, He should forget me?

Audrey Mullen


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