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Storehouse of my Soul

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems, Spiritual Life

Within the storehouse of my soul,

are moments I have spent.

Some I have borrowed,

and some, I have lent.

Every passing moment, no matter how big, or small,

I count them all as treasures, now that I recount them all.

For, in a passing moment, I have said Hello to a sweet and precious friend …

and, yet, in another passing moment, I have tearfully saidGoodbye , come the end.

I have taken wrong turns, only to find this is true …

that someone God had sent my way, was quickly passing through.

Each moment, we are touching another, maybe not side by side;

but we are still in constant contact, as our souls often do collide.

Those who have passed through

Yesterday, own a special space;
But those whom God still sends our way,

have yet to take that place.

So, let’s make the best of every moment,

while we still, yet can …

for every moment is precious,

to every soul, to every man.


Sandra Lewis Pringle

 © 2008