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  Prepare ye the Way A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems

Oh, Great and Mighty Father,

Who rules from up on High;

Such mighty times of power,

Such miracles which draweth nigh.

We look to You for guidance;

We long to follow after Your heart.

Show us, now, Dear Father,

how we are to go forth, and do our part.

Lord, lead us into battle,

and let us raise Your standard up;

Fill us in Your fullness,

and may overflowing, be our cups.

Lord, we prepare the way

for Your mighty Kingdom,

which we know is close at hand.

Help us to prepare those before us,

in every nation, in every land.

May the Daughters come from Zion;

with hope and faith

in prayers,

to sow along the way.

May the sons of Thy righteousness,

begin to understand their positions,

march forth,

trust and obey.

Father, part the waters before us,

and make straight the paths ahead;

The Remnant of Jacob is coming,

and by Your mighty hand, they shall be led.


© ~Sandra Lewis Pringle~