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  Perfection A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems

I am that which can not be,
What you try to achieve is me.
But lo’ though ancient valleys untold,
lies the mysteries of the very old.

So listen to me, you who would,
to the stories of those who
thought they could.
Fall not upon the ground of sod,
where others who failed have trod.

Stay away from one such as I
To reach me is like reaching for the sky.
A paradox for all mankind,
To try and fail is justice in its kind.

For God in his wisdom did just,
Realize that man’s ability is to trust.
Not in the perfection he tries to obtain.
But to realize in failure he has gained.

Possible to believe,
impossible to achieve.

B. J. Cassady
summer of ’99
Copyright ©2001 B.J. Cassady