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by | Oct 18, 2014 | Salvation, Sin

A Soliloquy

Who am I? I, even I, breathe the breath of fire and stir up dust and death. I have stripped the forests of their olden cover and bared their soil to the drying sun and burnt to crust their fertile glades.

I have opened windows of the heavens and broken deeps of springs beneath the ocean bed. *(Genesis 7:11)

I have stormed the seas and whisked the depths unleashing tidal wave to swallow schools and homes and families.

I have scarred the land, removed its ancient rite of late and early rain and dried the crops of grass and grain and let the cattle on a thousand hills die young. *(Deuteronomy 28:22)

I roll up sheet of cloud and draw the bundle tight then split asunder mountain rocks and walk in darkness, laughing, laughing at the terror I have wrought.

I took up my abode within the people of the Father I despise and there I live and ply my trade.

The Father gave me name, one word; He called me Sin.

He called me Sin for Sin breaks law and in itself is lawlessness and thus He said my name is Sin. *(1st John 3:4). He warned that I would upset nature’s order *(Jeremiah 5:25) until His people cried, ‘O, wretched that I am, who will deliver me from the body of this death?’ *(Romans 7:24) ‘For the sin you would not do, you do, and the good you would, you do not do,’ *(Romans 7:19) for I do reign within, without, and you belong to me.

Then He, the One who gave me name, cried out to raging dark and sky of brass, *(Deuteronomy 28:23,24) ‘My Father, why have you forsaken me?’ *(Mark 15:34) ‘Who shall deliver me?’ and only one voice penetrates the evil cord I bind you with. It strikes your mind, your heart, your limb, and says ‘I am made sin for you that you might have my righteousness.’ *(2nd Corinthians 5:21) ‘for where sin did abound, did grace abound much more.’ *(Romans 5:15). And you come forth in resurrection light for once you were in death with Him and now you live in Him. *(Romans 5:21)

And you are free of me and though I rage as lion storming height and den and throne and grave, *(1st Peter 5:8) you truly are no longer mine but His. *(Romans 6:5)

And you have peace. *(John 16:33)

Elizabeth Price


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