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  Partial Birth Abortion and Guns A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Compassion, Poems

You who complain about gun violence,

And yet regarding partial abortion, there is an awkward silence!

Bullets rip through bodies, and this you decry!

But a girl has the right to watch her baby die?


When it comes to gun violence, you mourn the dead,

Yet you can crush a baby’s head?

You’re horrified when victims of gun violence bleed and moan,

But when babies dangle feet first, you take a different tone!


If the birth canal exposes the feet, not the head,

It’s okay for the baby to end up dead!

Ah, yes, plunge in those scissors, suck out the brain!

Who cares how the baby thrashes in pain!


If you can’t see the head, go ahead and abuse!

After all, the woman has the right to choose!

However, some standard of decency we all must meet.

Just make sure the doctor only sees the baby’s feet!


Oh, and the mother’s health must be protected!

Even a little tear must be respected.

We wouldn’t want her to undergo emotional distress!

So, crush the child’s head and bury the mess!


Kill the child as hands and feet flail,

But if you first see the head, then you go to jail!

Do you think this poem is out of control?

If you do then you’ve already lost your soul!


Chris Hansen

Author: “Revelation Revisited,” Very dramatic retelling of the visions Saint John saw of the violent end of our world. “Secret of the Psalms,” Amazingly accurate prophecies about Jesus written centuries ahead in the book of “Psalms.” “Grandfather’s Journal,” A boy who is bored of Sunday school and terrified of death learns that God wants to be his best friend, and that, because Jesus really rose from death, there is no reason to be afraid.  28 beautiful illustrations and humorous anecdotes will hold a child’s attention.


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