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Omnipotence Revealed

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Creation

He created the most beautiful image of a flower anyone had ever seen. He used material that had never been seen before, soft and flexible but with a transparency unknown to anyone else and the colours seemed to radiate from whichever angle you looked.

It was put into a museum with a background of dark green glass to enhance its sheen and was open to the public one day a week. If you wanted to see it, you had to come to where it was displayed and wait in queue until it was your turn to spend a few minutes admiring the rare beauty.

Thousands came from every corner of the world, they spent incredible amounts just to make the journey and went to endless trouble to see the wonder of the flower.

Miners and sculptors tried to find the original material but nobody succeeded. There were no copies anywhere that anyone could find and so ridiculous claims and myths built up around the flower because nobody was able to reproduce it.

Wars were fought for control of it, it was often the target of swindlers and thieves and over the years many artists, sculptors, mechanics, even physicists, tried to make another such flower but nobody was able to do so.

The original remained, and yes, eventually it was chipped by the cleaners, dulled by careless hands and finally all but discarded, damaged and devalued but still with an incredible beauty if you looked gently.

So you still walk outdoors on a balmy night and look up into the sky and see myriads of stars; you walk across the hillside and find a spring of crystal water; you see flocks of birds of every shape and colour; you see tiny orange ladybirds with meticulous black spots; you see dragonflies with translucent, shimmering wings; you see curious fishes of unbelievable colours; you see cattle and sheep and horses; you see incredibly beautiful flowers, and you ask me, ‘if God is omnipotent, why doesn’t he reveal himself?’

My answer to your question is simply this; God himself invites you to a minimum one day a week to take time to look around you and see the world and the universe in which you live. He gives you the minimum that invites you to take the maximum of every day, indeed every hour to see and know the evidence and to lvoe and enjoy it. This is the only world of its kind known to anybody, nobody has been able to reproduce it, so then remember the words of the One who created it, “Lift up your eyes on high, and behold who hath created these things …” (Isaiah 40:26)

Never again should you ask me, ‘If God is omnipotent why doesn’t he reveal himself.’ He has written the evidence of himself on our hearts.

Elizabeth Price