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Of “Control” at the Cross, Part 3

by | Oct 18, 2014 | God Is In Control, Of "Control" at the Cross (A Mini-Series)

In the concluding part of this series Of “control” at the Cross, let’s focus on three other aspects of significant import…

Geographical Matters

In the penultimate part of this series of God’s control at the cross, let’s focus on one more Geographical matter. Why was Jerusalem chosen as the “The place of all palces” where the Redemption plan prepared before the foundation of the World (I Peter 1:20/ Rev 13:8) would be completed?

By virtue of its location in the middle of the World (Ezekiel 5:5), it typified Jesus’ mediatory Ministry of bringing about reconciliation between Holy God and sinful mankind (1 Tim 2:5). The penalty of the Cross which requires the condemned “hands and legs be fastened by the nails to it” also in a way portrays the “middleman” role of the Saviour, for in the Cross the condemned man’s head neither touches the sky nor do his legs touch the ground. He is right in the middle–between God above and man below. Amazing, isn’t it! My Saviour paid the price in order that I am liberated from both the clutches of sin and the demands of the Law (I Cor 15:54-57)! Also it is much easier for the Good News of the completed redemption work to reach the “ends of the World” (Acts 1:8) from the middle spot on Planet Earth rather than its North or South Pole.

Levitical Matters…

Now let’s continue to meditate on God’s control over other “Levitical” events. As per the Law, who alone are entitled to slay the Paschal Lamb? The Levitical priests!  With Pontius Pilate washing hands hands off again as per divine sovereign will, who was responsible for putting Jesus on the cross?  The priestly class (John 11:46-53/ John 19:15-16), exactly as the law required!!!So much so as a consequence of Jesus’ vicarious death on the Cross, (II cor 5-21/ Philippians 2:5-11) it is said that God was glorified, Christ was magnified, law was satisfied, sin was nullified, and sinner was justified!!!

Personal Matters…

Simply amazing are the acts of the Adonai God. Hallelujah. He can weave even “wicked acts” into the tapestry of His Divine plan in order that the “final embroidered piece” (read outcome) is very much in conformity with His will. Now the point in conclusion is…is this Adonai God who is seated in the Heavenly throne also seated in the throne of your heart?  It is one thing for Him to have the World in His control, it is quite another to have you in His control, for He would not forcibly gatecrash into your heart, till you open it in love for Him. And those who have been Christians for a long time, have we allowed Him access and reignship in every area of our lives? For it is said that He doesn’t come with a desire to be a mere resident in our lives, but to be a president!!!  Hallelujah!!!  What a great Adonai God we serve!  Amen and amen!!!

Prayer: Let this truth be burned into our hearts that we ought to live to please Thee at all times. In all places that You in Your sovereign wisdom place me, help me to be a shining witness for Thee. In Jesus Name. Amen.  In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Suresh Manoharan

J and SM Ministries

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