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  No Room A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems

It started the night He was born, there was no room at the Inn. 

That’s how His life began, Oh but that was not the end.

They didn’t want Him in the Temple, when He became of age;

Thrity-three years Christ was…..when the hatred turned to rage.

As time went on we drifted away from Christ, we started to act like fools.

In our modern day society, there’s no room for Christ in schools.

We have no room for Him here or there, we can’t even say His name;

I wonder……..if He ever wonders……..why He even came.

They made a law…… room for You here…….other people we might offend;

 No room, no room for Jesus Christ, when will it ever end.

There’s no room for Him in goverment, they say keep church and state apart;

You know what will happen next…….there’ll be no room for Him in your heart.

They have no room for Him in our courts, or any public place;

God will have no room for them, when they meet Him face-to-face.

The next thing they’ll have no room for, will be those who are on God’s side.

No room, no room, no room at all……….God’s children will have to hide. Amen

By Pat Finn


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