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  New Home, New Friends with Big Hearts A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Friendship, Poems

For years we lead an active life

but health issues come visit us.

The Master holds us in His hands

when days are long, His touch expands.

He moves us to a bright new home,

nine hundred miles, no one we know;

but neighbors down the hall we meet

and Jesus word, they know and keep.

They treat us well like we are kin.

We visit back and forth each day.

Lots fun we share with Holy Book,

our Master knows to Him we look.

We build a bond with great new friends.

God’s spirit winds and binds our faith;

He led us to Retirement pad,

we are His people, He’s our Dad.

© 2008 Carol Dee Meeks 2007

Senior Poet Laureate of New Mexico


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