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My Protector Never Works Shifts

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Protection, Witnessing

“He will not let you fall; your Protector is always awake. The Protector of Israel never dozes or sleeps.” (Psalm 121:3-4)

My Keeper is always wide awake.

Tiredness or drowsiness keep me from being awake and alert.

God is awake, always available. He is never off duty when I need him either to ask something or to thank and praise Him.

If so, can it be that He is so busy helping others at times that He neither sees nor hears me when I desperately need him?

God never tires, therefore He is always able to attend to all His children simultaneously.

This alertness of God results in Him being aware of the motive behind my questions or Thanksgiving. Am I using Him by playing on His sympathy or am I His humble follower needing Him for my every step? All talk and teaching of self image, assertiveness, human rights and all the rest of human teaching, should also include my Creator. God forgive!

My spirit lives on for ever, therefore I need to be reminded of the insecurity of my secure world, enabling me to, by renewal, learn what is important for my eternal life. This Psalm emphasizes the fact that God is awake 24/7, and He is always so strong that I cannot ignore it. Thus I am forced to accept that He is always there, guarding my soul. I belong to Jesus and He never rejects His child!

The fact that I can rely on my God when I’m sleeping brings such relief to me as I realise that I don’t have to be awake to be pondered on, the Lord will take care of me. If He ponders over me while I am asleep, how much more should I be aware of His caring while I am awake!

If I can put my trust in the Lord when the going is good, how much more can I trust Him to guide me when things are not going well? It is so easy to blame God when life is bad instead of following Him even closer.

How would I know that everything in my life is going well if life were just plain sailing? If there were no deep valleys to pass through, what am I doing on the mountain tops? Which mountain top? All I am aware of is the wide space surrounding me. This wideness seems like the Sahara desert. I am no longer aware of what passes me by as I am staring at the seemingly nothingness of the desert of my life. If only I could learn what I am losing while staring at the nothingness of my life’s desert without appreciating the small things enriching my life. The small enriching things are there in the deep valleys, on the high mountain tops and in the wide spread, seemingly emptiness of life’s deserts.

My Protector neither slumbers nor sleeps, and this enables me to leave Him in charge. My responsibility is to follow Him instead of guiding Him.

“O, Lord, please open my spiritual eyes to appreciate even the smallest winter flower in life’s valleys, mountain tops and deserts. Please Lord, teach me by renewal what the difference is between human arrogance and childlike trust in You. Thank You for being on duty 24 hours out of 24 hours. Thank You for carrying me when I think I am walking the road alone. If You left me to be on my own I will get lost in the depths of the earth never to be found again! It still amazes me that You, the Creator of heaven and earth, are concerned about a small human being like myself. Thank You Lord for being my Creator and Saviour too!”

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