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  My Father is the King A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems, Sons & Daughters of God, Spiritual Gifts

My heritage is Jesus, my Father is “The King”; 

From my Heavenly Father I will inherit everything.

I will inherit a mansion, and an eternal soul from He;

My Father put this in His’ will, The Holy Bible, for all the world to see.

This world can offer me nothing for I have all I need;

My Father sits in Heaven, it is my soul He feeds.

What more can I ask for when He gives me everything;

My inheritance is a kingdom, for my Father is “The King”.

I look forward to the day when I sit with my Lord at His’ table;

My soul is willing, and my new body will be able.

I’m heading for God’s Kingdom, I’m staying right on track;

Going home to my Father “The King”, and I won’t be looking back.

By: Pat Finn