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  Mother, I Miss You A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Death, Parenting, Poems

You cared and nursed me along the way

As I grew into a flower day by day

I became a teen and began to change

Stumbling and falling with growing pains

Then I became a woman, you smiled and shook your head

Pleased to know your daughter heard what you said

Without looking, our roles began to change,

We formed a friendship we can forever come to claim

I somehow knew things would never be the same

Our friendship was the best each of us had

To have come so far and learn how to laugh

You are not here now and I understand why

For God prepared us both to say goodbye

I’ll never forget you Mother, how strong you were

For you left a legacy for me to share

That I, your daughter is proud to bear.

by Velda Edyne Fuller