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  Master’s Card A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Comfort, Poems, Salvation

I was checking my e-mail, when this ad caught my eye;

It said, “Sign up for a Visa, get a speedy reply:

We have the cheapest rates, and no set up fee,

Complete satisfaction is our guarantee!

So, I got online, and I said,”No Thanks!”

I have The Master’s Card, you see,

My card came from Heaven, it covers hope, faith, and love,

And the best part of all, this card’s free!

He said there would be no carrying charge;

As He carried me up to the pew,

He said,”With my card, you’ll have unlimited Grace,

And, you’ll find that no payments, come due.”

He said, “His card would never be cancelled;

I’m a lifetime member, you see.

It’s a pre-paid card, with no interest charge,

And, I applied for it down on my knees.”

I said, “Lord, I could never repay;

Such a steep but worthy price”,

He said,”My child, don’t worry, or grieve,

It’s already been paid, with my life.”

Apply today, for your Master’s Card:

“You’ll have Everlasting Life! ”

The Benefits are out of this world!

Many Blessings:

© 2008 by Vickie Lambdin