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  Looking in my Father’s Eyes A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems, Second Coming

If Christ came for you right now, would you be ready?

Could you look our Father in the eyes, and hold yours steady?

Or would you be so ashamed, that you would have to look away;

When you’re face-to-face with God, do you know what you will say?

You will have to give an account of everything you did and idle words that were spoken;

Can you look into our Father’s eyes and not see a heart that’s broken?

Have you earned any crowns to lay down at His’ holy feet;

Or will you meet Him empty handed, feeling low and in defeat?

Can you meet our Father with a clear concience, and look Him in the eyes;

Or is the life you are leading now, nothing but a lie?

You know that day will come, and it will be here sooner than you think;

Answer me truthfully….can you look our Father straight in the eyes and not blink?

It will be too late to ask God to forgive you for a life that is empty and hollow;

By the time you are facing Him, your soul could not be bought or sold for a dollar.

He gave you His all, and He did it in suffering and pain;

You threw it all away for the riches of this world, now you have nothing left to gain.

I can not imagine meeting my Father at last, and having nothing to offer;

I long to go to Heaven, but I do not wish to go as a spiritual pauper.

For the Lord not only overflowed my cup, He overflowed my life;

By sending His most precious gift of all, His’ only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.

Look at me my child……….for in you, I have seen and heard it all;

I told the world long ago to be ready when My Son comes to call.

Now here we are finally standing together, you and I, face-to-face;

I already know if you have come to me in righteousness, or in disgrace

By: Pat Finn