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Jesus, Meet my Every Need

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems

Jesus, meet my every need,

But please don’t meet my every want!

I need to suffer a little,

 so others can feed,

even if they should tease or taunt.

Whenever they persecute,

I know they’re really hungry, deep inside.

Because their need is so accute,

I need to lay aside my pride.

Don’t feed me too little, or too much.

Feed me just enough.

Otherwise, I will be too weak or to complacent, to extend your touch,

And I won’t be able to reach them when things get tough.

Jesus, I really don’t know how much I need.

It is best if I allow you to decide.

I am apt to choose on the side of greed.

I am apt to choose on the side of pride.

The needs of others, are far more important than my own.

If suffering brings in more eternal sisters and brothers,

it will be worth it all when we all stand before your throne!

Chris Hansen

Author: “Revelation Revisited.” Unforgetable walk through John’s visions of the end of days. “Secret of the Psalms.” A thousand years before Jesus was born, astoundingly accurate prophecies were written down about him. “Grandfather’s Journal.” A young boy reads his dying grandfather’s journal and loses his fear of death by meeting the resurrected Jesus through the eyes of his grandfather. Beautifully illustrated, humorous, and touching. Bookstores. 1-888-795-4274