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  Into the Night A Poem  

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Encouragement, Poems

Into the night, His sheep weep and morn,
Needing a Savior, but not to Him born.
One day they will know Him true and well,
Then to many others the story will tell.

There will be comfort of ways and thought.
Then all the darkness shall be in naught.
Many shall sing to glory, to the Savior above.
All, praising our Lord, with an awesome, love.

Let us look to the morrow when the sky is blue.
Turning corners Lord and just loving you.
Being righteous and forgiving to friends and all.
We never know when our Savior will come to call.

Let us look forward to the glorious night ahead.
Thanking our Savior when we go to our bed.
We dream of Heaven in our sleep each night,
Knowing one day, sweet Jesus will be in sight.

He will one day take us to our Heavenly home,
Never again, at earth’s door to cry or to roam.
Thank Thee Lord for Thy holy and true loving word.
His word is the most beautiful to ever be heard.

© Pearlie Duncan Walker