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  In the Valley A Poem  

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems

Deep in the stillness

of a thankful heart, we see

our Father best!

He sends us comfort,

and blesses us, with peace,

and love, and rest.

The valleys we are passing

through, will lead to the mountain

top; if we decide to regain our strength,

and not grow weary and drop.

Whenever we feel His

love, and sense His Presence

so near, we are lifted up, like little

children, by a loved one who is

holding them ever dear.

Oh, Yes, He is with

us in our trials, and in all

of our pitfalls, too.

But, as we remain strong

in faith, there is nothing, Our

Father God cannot do!

~ Sandra Lewis Pringle ~ © 2009