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  If it Were Not for Jesus A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems

The Christmas season is here

The day that we hold so dear

Gift giving and family gatherings

Have we forgotten why we celebrate

If it were not for Jesus

God sent His son into the world

To be the lamb for each of us

Salvation is our gift from Him

If it were not for Jesus

My prayer for you this time of year

Is to remember the one so dear

That came and suffered for you and me

To live for Him and to set us free

If it were not for Jesus

If it were not for Jesus there would be no Christmas

Why have we forgotten Him and left Him out

Celebrating His birth and not shouting about

Jesus birth is Christmas

Not the lights, the decorations, gifts or food

If it were not for Jesus Christ

There would be no Christmas

Let others know as you plan for this day

That it is a Merry Christmas because-

If it were not for Jesus,

Christmas would not be

How can we not keep

Him in His special day

This is Jesus Christ Birthday



Sarah Berthelson


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