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  I Made Him Cry A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Death, Jesus, Poems

I just climbed out of the gutter and I had a helping hand;

When I looked over……….there stood a man.

He looked worse then me, with holes in both his hands and feet;

But there was something about Him that made me feel complete.

He said He was the Lamb of God, who gave up the Holy Ghost;

To save souls like mine who needed Him the most.

I told Him, no one cared if I lived or died;

When I looked closer…………He had tears in His eyes.

He said He loved me and my soul He came to save;

If only I would believe in Him, He’d rise me up from the grave.

For me He suffered on the cross, hanging there till He died;

It was my sweet Jesus Christ………and I have made Him cry.



By: Pat Finn


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