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  I Believe in the Song A Poem  

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems

What would we do, without the light,

the light which shows the Way?

How would we keep our steps from stumbling,

as we step out, each day?

With our hand in God’s, we can rest assured,

that anything we face, we can surely endure!

The days are troubled, the times may be rough,

but we look upon His Higher Power!
God is our Savior, Our Redeemer … Our Hero of the hour!

I believe in you, I believe when things go wrong …

I believe in you, My Friend, I believe in your song!

So, sing loudly when skies are gray!

Sing loudly when skies are blue!
For there is One Who loves us, all along the way,

and He will always see us through!

~ Sandra Lewis Pringle ~ © 2009


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