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  I am in Sight A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems, Protection

I walk with you, in darkness,

and I shed forth My light.

You seldom notice that I’m near,

but I am always in your sight.

In Me, you are secure,

even in the darkest of the night!

I am here to protect you,

from the fear,

from the fright.

Whenever you are kind,

or lend a helping hand,

Do you not see Me?

Right in front of you,

I stand.

When storm clouds gather,

and you try to run and hide,

It is Me, that you run to,

and it is IN Me,

that you are able to abide!

Never will I forsake you;

Never are you alone.

I am your Comforter,

When you are with Me,

you are home.


© 2008 Sandra Lewis Pringle 

From “Morning Glorythoughts” Devotionals, by Sandra Lewis Pringle


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