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  Humility A Poem  

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems, Trials

Jesus, it’s hard for me to put me on the shelf.

To be honest, I do enjoy talking about myself.


I do some very interesting things, you know.

And, after all, others even tell me so!

Still, I have this disturbing feeling that I really need to grow!

And then, you exemplify humility, and I groan, “Oh no!”


The truth is, I am also interested in what other people do.

I have to admit it, other people have very interesting lives, too.

If I were to be really honest about what is true,

I’d have to admit, I’m somewhere between “Always talk about me,” and “Always talk about you.”


I know, I know, balance is the thing.

Why not listen to someone else sing.

Why not mend someone else’s broken wing?

Yet, so tenaciously, to me I cling!


My pride! My pride! It has such an awful sting!

Even if no one tells me about the prideful pain I bring,

I wonder: Why would you bring me the best robe, the fattened calf, new sandals, and your signet ring?

Though I don’t act like it, I really know I don’t deserve a thing.


I know you don’t want me to grovel like a pathetic worm.

How often your love for me you do confirm.

Still, my talents are like the egg, and my pride is like the sperm.

These will birth my sin of pride, when that pregnancy has gone full term.


Still, what do I have that did not come from you?

Without you, there is nothing I could ever do.

Jesus, do you intend to break me? Is there something awful you need to put me through?


Chris Hansen



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