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  How Loving was I? A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Love, Poems

What difference does it make, if all I do is die!
Was I foolish, or was I clever?
It really doesn’t matter, if I really don’t live forever!

Ah, but Jesus conquered even the grave!
So, death is not my master! I am not death’s slave!
Now, being foolish or being wise,
Really matters to one who never dies!

Now, being wicked or being kind,
Really does matter to one who now has an everlasting mind.
Go ahead and ask, “Am I loving, or am I not?”
Yet, this question, “Am I eternal?” Is an even greater thought.

Chris Hansen

author: “Revelation Revisited,” “Secret of the Psalms,” “Grandfather’s Journal,” and local bookstores.