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  His Namesake A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Freedom in Christ, Poems

A name that is greater than the heavens light
Far more superior than the darkest night
A name that calms the raging seas
And stills the wind to a breeze

A name that makes kings know
He is the son of heavens glow
Yeah , I will not sway nor be dismayed
Neither will I stumble or be swept away

I will arise from the ashes after the fire refines
Showing forth beauty of Christ defined
For his namesake I will stand
Under the shadow of a divine hand

For his namesake

I am washed free from shame
Carrying the banner of Jesus name
For his namesake

My battles are won
Under the opened heaven
Where our victories are adorned

Gem by gem it waits for us
Completing the crown when we dared to trust
Finishing the race that is set before
Knowing it will lead to eternity’s door

Jesus is the name that holds me dear
Out of the depth of constant fear
Jesus is the name that gives me peace
That soothes the turbulence to ease

Jesus is the name that rescues me
Keeps me complete for all to see
Jesus is the name in which I believe
For his namesake yet will I receive

Mercy for the morning and grace to abound
Keeping each day free of frowns
Forever will his name be imprinted in my heart
Just as he knew me even before my start.


by Hazel Moodley