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  Here I am, Lord A Poem  

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Communication, Poems, Relationship

God have you been looking for me

To kneel down in prayer like it use to be

Here I am Lord

Sometimes I get too busy

Doing thing that is not important to you

Just doing my thing whatever the day may bring

Here I am Lord

Please forgive the oversight of yesterday

I thought of you but did not pray

I opened my Bible then turned on the TV

I was so distracted I did not talk to thee

Here I am Lord

God I love you but sometimes it does not show

I am often severing in some way but you may not know

God please forgive me as I lay this out to you Come see me today so

I can feel your presence so real Oh how I do not desire your time to steal

Here I am Lord

Sarah Berthelson