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  Heavenly Sunshine A Poem  

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems, Relationship, Second Coming

At the dawning of a new day

as the morning sun begins to rise,

I meet with my blessed Savior

In His glorious heavenly sunshine.

The beauty of the morning

while the roses shine with glistening dew,

reveals to me our Savior’s love,

always so faithful and true.

What a joy it is to know

our Savior is ever near,

He’s there to speak sweet peace

and dry our every tear.

One day when our life is over

and time for us on earth shall be no more,

Jesus shall ascend in the clouds with a shout,

He’ll step out from heaven’s golden shore.

With the voice of the great Archangel

at the sound of the trumpet blast,

our blessed Lord will tell his children,

“it’s time to come on home at last.”

We’ll rise in a moment,

at the twinkling of an eye,

to meet our loving Savior in the air,

and bid this old world “goodbye.”

Oh what a glorious celebration

when we join the saints of old,

reunited with friends and loved ones,

in that land where we’ll never grow old.

God our Father will welcome us

in that beautiful city on high,

 we shall live in mansions forever,

in the sweet by and by.

So until the day of our Lord’s appearing

We must keep the faith each day

We’ll walk on in His heavenly sunshine,

Praise His name, give thanks, and pray.

Blessings In Christ,

Jo Ann Kelly © 2009, 2005

J. P.’s Inspirations This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits intact, for non-profit ministering purposes.

1 Thessalonians 4: 16-18.