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  Heather’s Love A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Love, Marriage, Poems

Inspired by a clean teen ralley at church and by a special high school friend met while riding the bus.

The fire of desire becomes only a glowing ember,
and mid summer night’s love fades to the coldness of December.

But the kindnesses of lovers, the things they do and Say,
these are things that will never pass away.

Let words instead of kisses pass between you from your lips,
and let the touch of kindness instead of passion grace your finger tips.

Let the passion of Jesus and his teaching beat within your breast,
Then no mere lover’s hand would dare to touch such a holyplace as this which God himself has blessed!

And even if you do these things and your lover wishes to depart,
because you have been true to Christ, your lover will not break your heart.

But if in time your lover does decide to take you as his wife,
then you will know the sweetness of a lovers touch which brings about a human life.

One final warning, if lovers touch too soon before they are united by the Lord,
then both will pay a price that neither can afford!

By Chris Hansen


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