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  He Welcomed the Intruder A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems

Jesus! Jesus!  The news was quickly spread.

The one who heals the sick has come-the one who raises the dead!

Whatever news the people heard, the people wanted more;

the condemnation of the rich, the comfort of the poor.


One such man, a Pharisee, a leader of the Jews,

Invited Jesus to come and dine, and He did not refuse.

The men reclined, and food was served, and many tales were told.

The life He led, the things He did, all started to unfold.


Suddenly, an awkward hush disturbed the pleasant meal.

A woman stepped into the room, and she began to kneel.

She bowed her head and touched His feet, and wiped them with her hair.

Her tears were flowing freely now, as the guests began to stare.


She began to kiss His feet, yet no one said a word.

Silence broken by sobs and kisses, was all that could be heard.

Then the guests began to smell, a rich and sweet perfume.

She poured the fragrance on His feet, and soon it filled the room.


Voices echoed soft and low, “Who let this woman in?”

“If this Jesus were a prophet, he would know about her sin!”

“How can he let her touch him, unless he’s a sinner too!”

“How can he love these sinners, when he knows the things they do!”


     Jesus’ face was not annoyed, nor did He show surprise.

There was no sign of shame, behind those strong and gentle eyes.

Jesus turned around, and the woman’s gaze He met.

The look within His eyes, was one that she could not forget!


“I see my sadness in His eyes.  He knows my heart within.

Though we have never met before, He knows my every sin!

Somehow I know He loves me, though He knows the life I live.

My guilt is more than I can bear!  Oh how I want Him to forgive!”


The Pharisee, could only see, that she was not one of them!

He did not want to heal her sin, but only to condemn!

Jesus turned to the Pharisee, with anger in His eyes.

He said, “No doubt you live a righteous life!  This, no one here denies!


Suppose there were two men, with debts that neither one could pay.

Suppose the creditor canceled both, and sent them on their way.

Suppose again, that of these men,

one man’s debt was multiplied by ten!


Simon, which will love him more?  Tell me if you can.”

He answered, “The one who owed ten times as much as the other man.”

Jesus said, “Behold this woman.  She is like that man.

Her debt of sin she can not pay, and she loves the one who can!


When I came to your house today, no kiss of greeting did I meet.

Yet, with tears and sweet perfume, she washed and kissed my feet!

What great sins have you committed!  Your love is very small!

 This woman, though her sins are many, her love is the greatest love of all!”


     Then with a voice, that made her rejoice, He spoke to the need of her soul!

“Your sins are now forgiven!  Your faith has made you whole!”

“Who does he think he is!”, some thought, “Forgiving the sins of men!”

Why shouldn’t He forgive, since He made sick people whole again?


     The story I have told,

Is a couple of thousand years old,

Yet all of us need to learn what this story can teach.

People need to be told,

About our Savior and His heart of gold,

And these people are the ones we need to reach!


What will you do with the lady next door?

She wonders what she’s living for.

She has a white picket fence, and a well kept yard.

Very few know that her life is hard!


But late at night, angry voices are heard!

The next door neighbors hear every word!

Broken dishes, and a broken heart!

A husband nearby, yet they’re miles apart!


Where can she run?  Who can she tell?

Once, marriage was heaven.  Now she lives like hell!

And when her husband goes out to play,

Her loneliness tempts her to stray!


     You be her Jesus.  Allow her to live.

Bring her to God, and let Him forgive.



By Chris Hansen

June 26, 1989