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  He was There in the Beginning A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Faithfulness, Poems

He was there at the beginning,

He will be there at the end,

My Alpha and Omega,

My God in whom I trust.


His Hand firm, grasps securely to mine,

Chained in love divine,

My fears subside, knowing He’s there,

His mercy to me He did spare.


What love is this that flows to me?

So free and precious that I should see;

The beauty of His presence behind the veil,

But torn in two for sinners fail.


His truth dost stand for all eternity,

No-one in all the earth can compare,

To our God who suffered for us, To set us free,

To be higher, flying closer to thee.


Oh what wondrous things unfold,

When Jesus Our Saviour from of old,

Risen from death into glorious Life,

That we might join Him, With Angels Delight,

Our Hearts entwined for all time,

Yes Our Alpha Omega He is thine!


By Jacqui Julyan