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  He LIves Even Yet A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems

Though they crucified Him, He yet lives.
When we accept Him as Savior, He forgives .
For it is in Him we abide, if we love Him true,
When we know and follow our Savior, He saves us too.
Thank you Sweet Jesus for paving the way;
By hanging on that old Rugged Cross-, that day.
He took our sins and washed all away, through His blood.
After He died, out of the sky came a great flood.
He was our Savior that day; He lives even yet .
He is still Praying for every soul to get.
He is our protector; He asks for our heart every day.
He will come in a cloud, as He thus went away.
He is coming again soon; let us be ready to go.
In the cloud, He came in; none left below.
He yet lives in our hearts, of all who believes.
He is coming again soon, our souls to receive.
Yes, He lives even yet, in each heart that cannot forget,
The turmoil of the old Cross-, we know Jesus feels yet.
Soon He will be here in a most beautiful cloud,
Gathering us on high, with all; praising Him aloud.
©Pearlie Duncan Walker
April 8th   2007