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  He is God A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems

There isn’t a person, place or thing, that God didn’t put His’ hand to;

You can turn away from God, but He will never turn away from you.

God put His’ grace in the glow of the silver moon;

A reminder to His’ children, that He is The Bridegroom.

God put His’ mercy in the light of the stars;

To let us know He’s close and never very far.

But His’ love, His’ precious love, He put in His Holy Son;

The love of The Almighty, can be compared to none.

When you look around at these things, how can you say God is not real?

Deep down in your soul He’s alive, that’ Him that you feel.

He will take your sins, heartache, troubles, and throw them all away;

Come into my heart Lord Jesus and forgive me; that’s all you have to say.

Don’t deny The Father any longer, for He is the answer to it all;

God’s children must be ready, when The Bridgroom comes to call.

For He is The Almighty, The Savior, The King, Lord of all…HE IS GOD;

I will follow Him to the end, whether through the Eastern Sky or covered by the sod.


By: Pat Finn