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  Happy Birthday Jesus A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems

Thank you Lord, for being the sweet, baby Jesus.

Thank Thee Father God; we have such cause to bless.

Jesus is the one who was chosen, to fill each heart;

He chose all believers and said He would never part.

Jesus fulfilled His promise; He let them hang Him on a cross-

He said those who love, and accept Him, should suffer no loss.

He is truly the one in many thousands; He is truly the one

When in the Manger mother Mary gave birth to her Son.

Should not we all trust and obey His sweet will each day?

He is the fairest of many thousands; He will lead the way.

God sent Him as the chosen one who could wipe away all sin.

He has fulfilled all reasons why we never have to sin again.

He was born in a stable Inn, to Mary, in a little manger there.

Oh how gracious our newborn Savior; to Him we can say Prayer.

He forgives all who believe in Him; that is enough for me,

For when I lay down and die, I can go to Him in victory.

I know many others love This Savior too; why would they not?

To deny Jesus Christ would put on your record an ugly blot.

This tenderhearted Babe grew and let them put Him on a cross-

If you want Jesus to accept you, believe in Him at all cost.

I want to stroll all over Heaven with Him, when that day is here.

He will always stand beside me; I shall know He is always near.

Happy Birthday our Beloved Jesus; I pray all will to Thee bow.

One sweet day we will look up east and see Jesus Coming in a cloud.

©Pearlie Duncan Walker Dec 9, 2007