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  Good Master A Poem  

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems

Jesus, good master, that, you are!

Even when life should scar;

even when the journey seems too far;

even when I tire and the enemy still wants to spar;


even when I lose precious things and they become impossible to find;

even though I sometimes have a troubled or puzzled mind;

even though my eyes are physically blind;

even when friends should betray me and are unkind;


even were I to be in prison confined;

even if difficult circumstances are assigned;

even when I wish there were a rewind;

even if life should bind;


I still believe life is not random, but, designed;

I still believe my troubles will all be left, far behind.

I still believe that life will be realigned.


Why do I believe you’re good and that life is in its prime?

You saved me from being punished for each and every crime.

You spared me from burning sulfuric acid for the rest of time.

You promised me the heights of paradise, no matter how hard the climb.


You gave me something meaningful to do.

I am telling the world all about you.

And if others will believe me, they can be rescued too!

Jesus, isn’t that worth anything I might have to go through?


To rescue people from hell, you were willing to endure fiery bolts of pain.

My troubles are nothing! I have no right to complain.


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