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  God’s Grace A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Grace, Poems

Wading through memories, 

Is not an easy chore 

Just longing to go back 

And do that once more.

But now that I know, 

I must live for today, 

The past is forgiven, 

But won’t go away.

For this is who I am; 

This is the real me, 

And all that was done, 

Was the way it should be.

There’s things I can’t change, 

And things that I can, 

Accepting myself, 

Was part of the Plan.

I try to stay happy, 

And it’s up to me, 

While living God’s will, 

That’s how it must be.

The love that I found here, 

I’d never have known, 

If not for God’s grace, 

And the mercy He’s shown.


Sharlett Hunt