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  God Had a Little Lamb A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems, Salvation

God had a little Lamb,

He was pure as snow;

He was sent to Mary,

to live on Earth below.

The Lamb was to be the answer,

He was to be mankind’s cure;

Washed in the blood of this Holy Lamb,

and it will make you pure.

Where ever this Lamb went,

His disciples would surely follower;

From the top of every mountain,

and down in every hollow.

They watched this Lamb daily,

heal the sick and lame;

Telling all He did it,

in His Father’s holy name.

This Lamb moved from town to town,

preaching as He went;

Telling all about His Father,

and why He the Lamb was sent.

He could make the blind see,

He even raised the dead;

The only pay He ever took,

was to make sure His followers were fed.

Some did not believe this Lamb,

some even said He lied;

That He was not the Son of God,

they thought that He should die.

They crucified the Lamb of God,

on Him they put the blame;

The Lamb took it all with pride,

not once did He complain.

God’s little Lamb so pure,

died for mankind’s sin;

Taking it all in stride,

so we could live again.

Jesus Christ, God’s little Lamb,

 knew the reason He had to die;

We have to go through the blood of The Lamb,

to reach the other side.



By: Pat Finn

Oct. 26 & 27, 2006