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  Fruit of the Spirit A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | New Life, Poems

Grow these fruits in me, oh Lord.
Let these fruits be my reward.


Let them be sweet and full of seed,
so others will want what they most need,
so others will want your love and grace,
so others will see your smiling face.

When others are cruel,
in the things they do and say,
in the eyes of this world let me be a fool,
and love them anyway.

When I have gone as far as I can go,
and my sorrow is more than I can bare,
I will be joyful because I know,
that Jesus will not leave me there.

When I face sudden disaster,
and even when I pray, I find no release,
I will still trust my master,
and my savior Jesus Christ will give me peace.

I want the fruit of patience, Lord,
and I want patience, now!
But you say that I must wait, my Lord,
so I guess I’ll wait, somehow!

Even the Godless farmer,
receives your sunshine and your rain.
Let me send forth kindness, Lord,
even to those who cause me pain.

The food that is filled with goodness,
is the food that will be consumed.
Let me be filled with goodness, Lord,
even when I know that I am doomed!

The sunrise is always faithful,
even at the darkest hour of the night.
Even so, when others let me down, oh Lord,
let me be faithful, and keep on doing what is right.

A gentle wind can move a giant sailing ship,
and yet it does no damage to the mast.
Let me move the lives of others gently, Lord,
and leave no harm behind me when I have passed.

Lord, let me master,
even the very desires of my soul!
Then I will know,
that I even have self-control.

Let me have these fruits, oh Lord,
and nothing will hinder me, in heaven or on earth!
Can anything stop a woman’s child,
when the time has come to bring him to his birth?

Lord, you know my every flaw.
You know each time that I have sinned,
and yet there is no law,
that can stop the blowing of the wind.

No law can stand against,
your love and grace in me.
I have tasted your fruit, oh Lord,
and I know that I am free!!!

Chris Hansen

Author of:
“Revelation Revisited,”
“Secret of the Psalms,”
“Grandfather’s Journal.”