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  Forgiveness A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Forgiveness, Poems

Forgiveness is often easily spoken by the lips.

Why then do we choke in silence on the words?

Because the spirit is willing, yet the flesh is weak.

We continue to embrace bitterness and resentment.

As Jesus forgives, so should we.

For Him that God exalted to His right hand

To be a prince and a saviour,

Gave repentance and forgave our sins.

For you see, we utter the words, “I forgive.”

But we never forget.

At least He rose above the feelings of the flesh,

And compassion overcame condemnation.

When asked who He was,

He replied, “ I am Jesus, whom thou persecutest.”

Yet His love overcame resentment.

And He repaid our persecution with forgiveness.

Bread which came down from heaven.

Light of the world. Lover of our souls.

The good shepherd. The Son of Man.

Yea, the Son of God almighty.

If He can forgive us,

What right to we have to withhold forgiveness of others?

If He remembers not our sins,

Why do we not forgive even ourselves?

Created in His image, we should strive.

Strive to walk in His righteousness.

And let not that lump in our throats

Be a roadblock to His blessings and glory.

Pastor T.D. Scearce