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  For This Man I Love A Poem  

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Love, Poems, Worship

From a far distance I see the sun hanging low in shame 

I hear the thunder cry as the clouds watch this man die

The tears of heaven fall violently upon the earth, created by this Son.

I run, I run hard, please please stop! For this man I love

He for me came to show the way

Hear the thunder? See the sorrow of the sun?

Feel the cold agony of their tears!

Why? Why do ye nail this man to a tree

What sin hath he committed unto thee

Does he not speak of love and peace

Does he not walk gently by the sea

Here, at the cross I stand, looking into the face of this Lamb

I weep as his blood spills upon the ground before me.

How could they crown this King with thorns

Scorn him with mockery and pierce his side

Three nails driven into his loving hands and perfect feet

What hate hath driven man to despise such one as this

To cast lots for his garments and spit upon his face

To pluck his beard and laugh as they give him vinegar to drink

As I kneel at the foot of this cross, I wash his feet with my tears

I dry them with my hair of surrender

I whisper to the life in the blood, Thou art Holy

Thou art my Lord forever more

For thee I live For thee I will die

For This Man I Love

Written by Rhonda Rhodes



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