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  Follow My Light A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Grace, Love, Poems

Follow My light and I’ll lead you out,

over the mountains to the sea.

Lost child of mine, I never left you……..

you gave up on Me.


For when you were down to nothing,

I was always there;

When darkness was all around you,

I heard you call out in despair.

You wouldn’t listen to Me……..

you couldn’t hear My voice;

Precious child of mine…….

I gave you free choice.


You thought you knew it all,

and you no longer needed Me;

As your Father who loves you,

I brought you down to your knees.

If bringing you down to nothing,

is what it took to save your soul;

My child I would do it again,

to bring you back into the fold.


For I am The Shepherd,

the original keeper of the herd;

You are the lamb who got lost,

until you heard My word.

You should have known I was up to something,

when I took you as-far-down-as you could go;

For your own good my child,

there were times I had to tell you no.


I love all my children,

each and everyone has a special goal;

I’d bring them all down to nothing,

if it will save their eternal souls. Amen


By: Pat Finn

Feb. 6, 2007